Obtaining a visa to the United States in 2022

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The Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls invariably attract tourists from all over the world... And the great American dream makes the USA an incredibly attractive place for those who want to realize themselves, find a decent job and achieve heights in life.
It is worth noting that all these plans have a chance of success. However, a visa must be issued beforehand, which will not be easy in 2022.

The complicated relations between the countries at the political level have led to the fact that citizens of both states have difficulties in trying to obtain an entry permit. However, this does not mean that it is not possible to issue a document necessary for crossing borders – you only need to understand the requirements in detail and understand the changed conditions for its issuance. Moreover, the Minister-adviser on visa issues at the US Embassy in Moscow, Michael Yoder, announced his intention to issue up to 200,000 US visas to Russian applicants this year.
Do I need a visa when traveling to America
Permission to enter the United States is required for all citizens of the Russian Federation. This rule applies to those who have previously visited American territory, and those who go at the invitation of the host party.
The presence of direct relatives with US citizenship also does not exempt from the need to apply for a visa in 2022. Even children of all ages from the moment of birth are required to obtain a permit to cross the border. Registration takes place according to the rules of its own internal system.

Schengen visas are not valid on the territory of the state.

Types of visas

The available entry documents are divided into groups according to the main purpose of the visit. In addition, there are additional categories within each of them to clarify the intentions of a particular citizen. It is very important to choose your type of visa when applying.
  • Guest
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B1/B2 visas make up the bulk of the documents issued to Russians by American representatives. Such a permit is required to enter the United States on personal business, which includes sightseeing, visiting friends and relatives, receiving medical services, short-term business negotiations, attending festivals and forums.
  • Student
If you plan to study at educational institutions in America, you will need F and M visas. The first of them is intended for students aimed at obtaining academic education in schools, colleges, universities, in special programs and courses. The second type of documents allow you to take non-academic studies in technical schools or colleges in the United States, on retraining courses, as well as gain practical experience after graduation in your country.
  • Exchange
A special offer for participants of exchange programs operating today between many states. They help students, specialists, volunteers, tourists, cultural and religious figures who visited each other's countries at the same time to get a unique experience. For this purpose, an exchange visa is issued. Moreover, if the invitation was received from the United States, preferential terms of payment of the consular fee apply.
  • Working
The visa group is the most numerous in terms of the number of varieties. Standard documents of category H are intended for specialists in popular professions, as well as for temporary workers. Category O permits are granted to people with outstanding abilities - winners of international competitions, Olympiads, holders of other awards and symbols of recognition of merit. Religious figures can enter the United States on an R visa to conduct their work, and the transfer of employees within one world-class company is carried out on an L visa. Businessmen planning to engage in commercial affairs abroad need to obtain category E documents.
  • Journalistic
Media representatives are identified by a separate group of persons when they enter American territory to conduct their professional activities while remaining bound by labor obligations with the company at home. The entry permit is marked with the letter I.

Required documents
One of the key points that surprises the applicant for a visa to the United States is the small list of necessary documents. It includes only a few items:
  • Visa application form: DS-160 form, completed on a computer, in English
  • Photo of the established sample
  • Applicant's civil passport
  • Foreign passport (copy and original)
  • Receipt of payment of the consular fee
This list includes the materials necessary for the preparation and processing of the application. And in order for it to be approved, the applicant must independently choose and attach additional documents to the basic package. Moreover, their type depends on the purpose of the trip.
For example, in order to apply for a guest visa to the United States in 2022, it is necessary to provide evidence that there is sufficient material base for travel and a strong connection with the homeland, justifying the desire to return to Russia at the end of the validity period of the permit.

Financial support is confirmed:

  • a copy of the certificate of ownership of housing or land;
  • a copy of the PTS of existing ground vehicles, ships, aircraft;
  • statement from a personal account in a financial institution;
  • a certificate from the place of work containing information about the salary;
  • data on frequent foreign trips (indicated in the passport);
  • confirmation of other income available to a particular person.
The presence of permanent employment obligations with decent pay is also a factor that binds the applicant to his native country. In addition, visa officers consider strong family relationships to be an important aspect that causes a desire to return, the presence of which is indicated:
  • marriage certificate with a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • birth certificates of children-citizens of the Russian Federation.
Unlike a Schengen visa, when applying for a visit to American territory, you should not attach copies of travel tickets or hotel reservations. Such self-confidence can cause dissatisfaction of visa officers, which will affect the final decision. It is better to provide an approximate route indicating the places you plan to visit and the name of the hotels in question.

When it comes to work, study, creative, volunteer or religious activities on the territory of the United States of America, it is worth attaching to the questionnaire (if available):
  • invitation from the host party;
  • a copy of the diploma of education already completed;
  • a copy of the professional certificate;
  • confirmation of victories in competitions, grants, publications and other forms of recognition of merit;
  • a copy of the certificate of proficiency in English and other languages.
Confirmation of employment relations with a certain editorial office and accreditation (for attending specific events) is recommended from journalists. Travelers on exchange programs should add documents about existing agreements and the organization conducting exchange events.
The documents are attached when sent via Pony Express or brought with you to an interview with a visa officer. The data can be used when filling out the questionnaire.

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