Obtaining a visa to Canada in 2022

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To visit the country of lakes and maple syrup, to see amazing sights, rocky mountains, national parks, cozy cities, relax on ocean beaches - these and many other opportunities are opened for tourists by obtaining a visa to Canada.
Permission is made according to special rules. Obtaining a visa to Canada is a troublesome process, different from what is performed when applying for a document in any of the European countries. In 2022, there is still a permit to cross the border of the northern country to pass successful border and customs control.
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Do I need a visa when traveling to Canada?

Russia is not among the countries for which Canada's borders are open. In order to enter its territory in 2022, a citizen of the Russian Federation must obtain a visa. To prevent the violation of the migration process allows the opening of the correct type of document, which specifies the main purpose and purpose of the trip.

A few years ago, the Canadian government decided to issue not only short-term, but also long-term visas to residents of the Russian Federation. Such permits allow you to freely enter and leave the country for 5 or 10 years.

Types of Canadian visas
A visa to Canada for Russians is issued based on the main purpose of staying in the country. Permits are provided for a variety of cases.
  • Tourist
It is needed for temporary stay of tourists and those wishing to meet with relatives / friends. The document allows you to stay in the country for up to 6 months. But those who come to Canada on such a visa do not have the right to study or work (the exception is a short-term period of study).
  • Guest
It is issued when friends or relatives have the status of residents of Canada. At the same time, the receiving party is responsible for the safety of the traveler, partly for his financial support. The permit is issued for a period of up to 2 years, you can not re-apply for its extension.
  • Transit
Such a visa to Canada in 2022 is required for any transit through the state. Even if a tourist has no purpose to leave the airport, he will still need to pre-order a permit – these are the rules of Canadian immigration law for Russia. It is issued for a period of no more than 72 hours, allows you to walk around the city before the arrival of the plane for a transfer.
  • Educational
A student visa to Canada is a necessary document for citizens planning to study for a long time in this state. A permit is issued if a potential student is going to study at one of the official registered Canadian educational institutions. If studying in the country lasts more than 6 months, you must first obtain a study permit and only after that start processing the document. It is issued on the basis of confirmation letters from educational institutions from the approved list.
  • Working
It is issued if there is an invitation from the employer. The search for a place for employment is usually carried out through acquaintances, the Internet, according to recommendations, during the stay in the country on a tourist visa. The validity period of the permit is up to 10 years. Those applying for high positions and salaries undergo additional licensing, since Russian diplomas and certificates from the CIS are not quoted in Canada.
  • Business
The document is intended for existing investors and entrepreneurs who are going to establish a new company in the territory of the northern country. Obtaining a permit provides an advantage – the ability to quickly obtain a residence permit. But the procedure is accompanied by the collection of an impressive package of constituent documentation, an impeccable reputation of the applicant, and significant material investments.
  • Permanent resident
Such permits are immigration. They take into account different cases. They are issued to foreigners who are ready to open a business in Canada, highly qualified specialists who want to marry a Canadian citizen to women.
These are the most common types of entry permits. Additionally, you can request a visa:
  1. sports - necessary for professional athletes, persons taking part in matches and competitions as a referee;
  2. for family reunification – parents, children, brothers, sisters can apply for it, including. Each case has its own nuances, based on which a package of documents is formed.
Required documents
The permit is issued on the basis of a completed questionnaire. You can download the official forms on the website of the embassy / consulate, or by contacting a specialized center for help. The questionnaire is filled out in English or French. If the applicant does not have the proper skills, you can always use the services of professional translators.
It is also necessary to provide:

Transit visa to Canada
  • Passport, driver's license, birth certificate. If we are talking about an adult, a Russian passport and a foreign passport are required - originals and copies. If a child under the age of 18 is traveling, a passport and a birth certificate are needed, you should additionally paste his photo into your own passport. The rights are necessary for those who plan to rent a car in Canada or transport a vehicle on a personal business jet.
  • Photos in international format. The 35×45 mm image should be taken on a light cream or gray background. A person is photographed alone, for children under 6 years of age, it is allowed to be in the frame with their parents. Clothes should be strict, it is necessary to look as casual as possible.
  • Medical insurance. This is done regardless of the purpose of the foreign visit. The lowest level of insurance coverage is $30,000. In the presence of chronic diseases that are not dangerous to others, the cost increases. In the presence of open viral infections and contraindications to flights for health reasons, entry is prohibited, except when the patient is transported to a Canadian hospital for treatment.
  • A document confirming the availability of sufficient funds in the account. The norm is set for the maintenance of a tourist – from $ 70 per day. The total amount of the minimum balance on the bank card is calculated based on the estimated duration of stay in Canada. The tourist must provide a certificate from work, sponsorship letters, a bank statement that reflects the movement of funds over the past 3 months.
  • A document confirming the social status. The package includes a marriage or divorce certificate, birth or death of children, a certificate from work, a certificate of no criminal record. The request for additional data is allowed when applying for a marriage visa to Canada. To check the legality of the relationship, authorized persons can request access to private data - calls, correspondence.
  • Consent to the processing of personal data.
Depending on the purpose of the visit, the envelope is additionally enclosed with: constituent papers for an individual entrepreneur, business; itinerary; air tickets; hotel reservation.
There is a possibility of electronic registration of the application form for entry into Canada: you need to fill it out and save it in PDF format, leaving it on your account. When printing a document, it is important to make sure that all the pages are available, each of them should have a signature at the bottom. If his child is sent to Canada with the applicant, the questionnaire for him is drawn up in the same order.

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